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Ready to improve your life, without the overwhelm and anxiety?

My 1:1 coaching programme supports women who are ready to change their life to release limited thinking so that they take action with confidence, clarity and ease.

In just 12 weeks, upgrade your mindset, embrace a new empowered identity and experience real positive change.


Release your "I know I can do this but I just don't feel this is possible" thinking 

I hear so many women acknowledge that they hold themselves back in their careers, with their life goals, relationships, finances, health. The list goes on.

They play it safe and avoid risks, (consciously or unconsciously) justifying the limitations that keep them 'safe' but small, and miserable. 


It's causing them problems but they're just not sure what to do about it.

> Maybe you feel stuck but aren't sure what to do

> Maybe you know what you need to do but something stops you taking action

> Maybe you have big dreams but don't believe you could achieve them

The solution isn't in your daily habits or the strength of your morning routine. The answer is found in your identity, who you fundamentally believe you are and what you're capable of. 

I help ambitious women get unstuck and make progress towards their goals with confidence.

Just like you, they're go-getters with a dream they're longing to fulfil but they feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. They struggle to know what to do, have difficulty sticking to new habits and feel defeated after repeated perceived 'failures'.


Their goal is to feel ease and at peace with where they are whilst working towards where they want to go. Yet they sometimes question if what they're pushing so hard to achieve is really worth it.

This is where I come in. I'm here to support women to rediscover their true value and confidence in order to make sustainable progress in alignment with their goals.

You're in the right place

How would it feel to...

  • Clear your mind of negative beliefs

  • Move past what has held you back

  • No longer dwell on the past or fear the future

  • Replace negative habits and difficult emotions with positive feelings and actions

  • Rediscover who you are and what you really want from life

  • Feel confident in your abilities and take action with pride

  • Live peacefully in the present moment

As your mindset coach, I help you identify and release your disempowering internal narratives and upgrade your mindset so that you no longer operate from fear or anxiety but confidently embrace your new identity and take action with confidence, ease and clarity.

With my coaching, you will


The blocks and behaviours that have prevented you fulfilling your potential


The roadmap to where you want to go, ensuring you feel great on the way


Those outdated beliefs that have kept you from realising success


Free and clear from the limited thinking that had been weighing on your mind

12 week programme

Tailored to you

Support outside sessions

Payment plans available

Who is this for?

This IS for you if...


You're a growth focused individual - you might not know what to do but you know change is possible


You're ready to take action - you're determined to make changes even when things gets challenging


You know nothing changes unless you do - you're ready to start something new 

This is NOT for you if...


You're not willing to let go of old beliefs and behaviours - letting go is a big part of this transformation


You're looking for a quick win - this isn't a quick fix but a fundamental shift


You're not ready to change - not everyone is ready to let go of their current identity, even when it's painful

So what does it cost?

for 3 months 

This includes
12x weekly sessions
Email support between sessions
Additional resources to support progress


Let's get started

Use the contact form or email below to get in touch

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