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I'm a mindset coach and reformed passive player in my own life. 


I grew up following a path many people go down; go to school, on to university, graduate and get thrown out into the world of work. It was the path that was laid out in front of me and there didn’t seem to be much need to question what I was doing or whether I actually wanted to do it.

When the path finished after graduating, I didn’t have any real idea what I wanted to do with my life, professionally speaking that is. There were lots of things I’d have liked to do but they didn’t involve the 9-5 office work I assumed was the norm. So I drifted from unpaid internship to temp job to voluntary role to keep my CV full of ‘experience’.

All of this was happening around the same time other areas of life were contributing their own challenges; the decline and death of a grandparent, gradual breakdown of my parents’ marriage, end of my own relationship and relocating to live somewhere I’d never heard of before.

One day I caught myself thinking, “Life’s been pretty difficult lately. I can’t have been properly happy in… god, it must be about seven years now.”

Well, damn.

First off, that wasn’t true. I quickly caught myself as I remembered all the good things that had also happened in that time.


That was the first glimpse I had into the influence of the mind, realising it can tell you all kinds of stories that aren’t necessarily true AND recognising you don't have to accept those stories. You can take control of your reality and choose the thoughts you want to think.

Just because that was the way things had been up to that point, didn’t mean that was the way they always had to be.

That one thought reignited a long-time-but-somewhat-abandoned interest in understanding the mind, the incredible influence our thoughts and feelings have in creating our reality and how to harness their power so they work for us, not against.


Despite seeing that message reinforced in the books and courses I dove into, it still took a few more years for me to realise I wasn't fully practicing what I preached. By that point I was several years into a career I was invested in but only because I thought that’s what I needed to do in the hopes of getting where I wanted to be some day. 

It took a difficult period of burnout and anxiety to realise my life was the complete opposite of how I wanted it to be and that it also shouldn't have to be that stressful and unfulfilling in order for me to reach my goals.. 


From all those experiences, I found a new purpose. I left my corporate career and began helping others who were experiencing the same challenges so that they could gain clarity over what they did want and confidently take action towards achieving it.

  • Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled in your career and know there’s more to life.

  • Maybe you’re feeling stuck but aren’t sure what to do about it.

  • Maybe you know what you want to do but something is stopping you from taking action.


I’ve experienced all those frustrations (and more!) but I'm here to show you that there is so much hope. Life is meant to be enjoyed and whatever you've been holding in your heart is completely possible for you to achieve. What's more, going after your goals gets to be fun!

Cheers-ing (with a cup of tea) to your success,


Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.

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