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Unfulfilled at work?
Pursue the career goals you actually aspire to

Landing your first job was a big milestone.

But the enthusiasm fizzled away over time.

You did everything that you were supposed to. 

Studied, passed exams and got the experience. 

Now motivation has dwindled and you feel stuck.

No one prepared you to rethink your path at this stage.

Mindset coaching for women feeling unfulfilled in their careers

I help you find clarity in your career goals so that you pursue the work you actually aspire to, without self sabotage stopping you in your tracks

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I support women feeling unfulfilled at work to define and pursue their ideal career without limitation. Whether you’re just stepping on the career ladder or are well established in your industry, I can help you (re)start or (re)focus in the right way.  

With me, my clients gain clarity over what they value in their work and reframe the challenges they have faced. With renewed perspective, they embrace a new identity where they pursue the career they actually aspire to, with ease and certainty.

When we’re young and thinking about our future career, the question is usually, ‘What career are you interested in?’ It’s rare that anyone considers, ‘What do I want my life to look like?’ or ‘What kind of impact do I want to have on the world?’

That outlook tripped me up too.

I stumbled my way into a career in research and communications until the uncertainty I had ignored caught up with me. I left after several years, looking to reset and work out what I actually wanted to do.

Now I support women to find meaning and joy in their work which coincidentally increases fulfilment and fun in other areas of life too!


“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”

Tony Robbins

Get clear on your career goals so that you can make your next aligned move

There’s one thing I see so many people miss when they have fallen out of love with their work but aren’t sure what to do about it.

Most people make the mistake of trying to fix their career dissatisfaction by looking for solutions in the next promotion or new job, yet they overlook their internal programming that reinforces outdated beliefs about what they are capable of.


As a result, they look for the quick fix only to find themselves with the same problems and frustrations in a different role a short while later.

It makes sense that they do this because they believe changing their environment with a new role or work culture is the best way to improve their life.


But as a result, all they’re ever doing is addressing the symptoms of their dissatisfaction, never getting to the root of their unconscious programming that controls who they think they are and what they believe is possible for them in their career.

Once you address your internal programming, you can discover what you really want so that you no longer feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck but have the career, and life, that aligns with who you want to be.

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Mindset coaching for women feeling unfulfilled in their career, focusing on 3 key areas


What you want

It's easy to get caught up in day to day busy-ness and lose sight of what we actually want in our lives. It's important to reset and get clarity on what is most important to you, the sort of life you want to lead and the career that best aligns with that vision. 


Who you have been

We all operate from a set of beliefs, the majority of which were programmed at an early age. Reflect on your beliefs to unlearn any programming that no longer serves you so that you make space for the version of you who aligns with everything you really want. 


Who you will become

Create a crystal clear vision of the person you need to become so that you can step into a new version of yourself who has your ideal career. Transform who you are being and the way you see yourself to upgrade how you show up in the world.

"I'd never thought about coaching before but it really helped me find the tools and perspective to tackle something I've found challenging. Alicia encouraged me to re-evaluate the way I viewed the challenge and set realistic goals.
The sessions were productive and stretching, but Alicia always coached with compassion and sensitivity. I now have a much better mindset about my goal, and have made positive steps to achieve it."



Discover the 3 steps to identify and pursue the career goals you actually aspire to

...without self sabotage getting in the way

If your current job is causing more struggle than satisfaction then you're likely missing what I reveal here, absolutely free.

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