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Evolve your mindset, transform your life

My mission is

To assist and empower women who want to improve their lives

To bridge the mindset shift between 

"I'd love to do that... one day"


"Let's get going!"

Before we begin


You should know...

I'm unwavering in my belief that we can all be, do and have anything we want.

The only thing standing in your way, is you.

That also means you hold the key to your transformation!

I support women to open the lock and get out of their own way so they can create a life that feels good, whatever that looks like for them. 

Between 0 and 7 we absorb everything we observe

Everything evolves, so should our mindset

When first manufactured, your phone's software was perfectly created to suit it.


Over time, the software becomes outdated and no longer compatible with the latest innovations and discoveries. 


When that happens we need to install updates to remove redundant features and add new ones that enhance usability and functionality.

The same is true of you.

As children we absorb everything we see

At an early age, our mind hasn't developed the critical faculty that enables us to process, analyse or question the world around us.

We see how people behave and treat each other, the beliefs they express and the judgements they have. Everything we witness at an early age is understood to be 'normal'. 

Whether positive or negative, we continue to build on this foundation of beliefs. Additional influences like friends, our peers, the media and society add to our understanding of what's expected of us.

Who should we be? How should we behave?

What path should we follow? What do we believe is possible for us based on our cultural, geographic, social, economic and political background?

As we did as children, we search for the answers to these questions from our surroundings.


It's no surprise that we then feel disconnected from ourselves and unsafe if we step beyond the roles we learnt to fulfil as children. 


Procrastination, self sabotage, lack of focus, playing small and poor boundary setting are common consequences.

All the answers we need are already within us

This is all learned behaviour, which means you can also unlearn it!


You don't need anyone's approval. You don't need to accept others judgements of you. 


You have unlimited value and potential just as you are.

YOU get to decide who you want to be. 

When that is your outlook, the world opens up for you. You no longer operate from a place of fear or anxiety but a place of empowerment and joy.

Life feels GOOD!

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Online Masterclass

An instant access masterclass giving you the fundamentals to harness the power of your mind and shift what has been holding you back. 


1:1 Coaching

Unlock your full potential with coaching to transform your mindset and ensure you feel empowered throughout your journey.


Rapid Resolution Therapy 

RRT clears the mind of negative beliefs, making way for new possibilities. Simple perspective shifts gently and effectively unlock the door to lasting change. 

Hi I'm Alicia.png

I’m a mindset coach and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) facilitator.


My motto used to be 'feel the fear and do it anyway' until I decided to completely overhaul my career but found I could no longer push my way through the discomfort and overwhelm.


On some level, I knew I was capable but I didn't fully believe it and resisted taking action, bringing things to a standstill. I was completely stuck for a while but, truthfully, the only thing stopping me from progressing was myself.

Now, I work with women who know there is more for them but struggle to find their way. Disempowering internal narratives kept them playing small and prevented them embodying the next level version of themselves who go after what they want in life, and feel at ease doing it.

With me, my clients free themselves of this conditioning. They upgrade their mindset and embrace their new identity where they operate from a place of ease and confidence, knowing who they are and what they're capable of.


- A saying I live by -

“Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying.”

Amelia Earheart

"I'd never thought about coaching before but it really helped me find the tools and perspective to tackle something I've found challenging. Alicia encouraged me to re-evaluate the way I viewed the challenge and set realistic goals.
The sessions were productive and stretching, but Alicia always coached with compassion and sensitivity. I now have a much better mindset about my goal, and have made positive steps to achieve it."


Not sure where to begin?


This free workbook will help you identify where to make a start, and give you the first steps towards positive change.

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